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Educational Programs Built Around Video Games

Video games have a unique was of engaging players that allows for a deeper and richer learning experience when presented in the right manner. In addition, esport and video game clubs at schools typically reach an audience that typically doesn’t participate in extra-curricular activities.

Our programs have been structured to deliver a wide range of specific skills and competencies at middle, high-school and post-secondary levels.

Education Through Play

Our program focuses on using play and video games to teach core STEM skills in a fun and interactive way. We set goals with the students and give homework using video games to spark a joy and interest in learning and study.

Alignment with Curriculum / Specialization

Our programs and teaching methods are developed by teachers and professors and are aligned to mathematics and literacy curricula at the elementary and secondary school levels, and aligned to broadcasting and game design curricula at the post-secondary level. We also build custom programs where required drawing from our inventory of skill specific components.

Growth and Health

Our programs focus not only on improving video game skills, and skills through video game play, but also on physical and mental health. Players learn nutrition, stress management, and teamwork through the medium of video games.

Job Ready Skills

Our program teaches skills employers prioritize in the modern job market. With a focus on skills training such as teamwork, task management, listening, and critical thinking, we train youth to be ready for careers, whether they end up in esports careers or not. Our program doesn’t focus on play alone and takes a look at the industry as a whole, which means if you want to get into a career as a manager, caster, or pro player, we make sure you know what you need to succeed.

Middle and High School Offerings


In-class programs that use video games to teach.

Are you a teacher that is looking to get better engagement from their class? Do you not know how to create interesting and engaging lesson plans? IQ:GO is our educational program where IQ instructors will come into your class and teach a class or half-day using video games. Engage your students like never before by using Super Smash Bros to teach about gravity or League of Legends to teach quadratic equations. Our lessons match the learning outcomes of the education curriculum and cover topics such as mathematics, drama, physics, media, communication, and more.

IQ:Clubs & Teams

Support for extra-curricular esport clubs and teams

Looking to set up an esports club or team at your school but don’t know how to do so? Are you a principal who wants to make sure that your school’s esports team isn’t just playing video games all day? This program is for you. We will set up, organize, train, and operate your school’s esports club or team so that your students are getting the best training, not just in game skills, but also in soft skills such as communication, task management, and goal setting.

Don’t have an esports club established? Don’t worry! IQ esports will handle everything from building out the structure to providing you with a coach! Do you already have a competitive high school team? We can make sure their training is productive and well rounded so that they get the skills they need for a career in esports!

Colleges and Universities

IQ:Courses and Programs

From micro-credit courses to full certificate programs.

IQ esports is also a pinoeer in creating and developing courses for post-secondary institutions around esports. Whether you just want to add an esports course to build out a media or business program or develop a whole certificate program, IQ esports has the knowledge and experience to get it done.

IQ:Clubs & Teams

Support for collegiate esport teams.

Collegiate esports is taking off and you don’t want your school left behind! IQ esports are experts at translating esports into a post-secondary environment. We have experience in setting up full varsity esports programs that balance competitive success with academic success.


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The first course in the generalist stream, which covers an overview of the esport industry, is free and fully counts towards your generalist certificaiton.

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