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Our goal is to provide accessible education to all esport enthusiasts seeking to improve their understanding, develop a specialization, or pursue a career in the industry. We have structured a number of education streams aimed at developing progressive skill sets that build on each other.

Generalist Stream and Certification

The generalist stream covers all aspects of the esports industry including, key definitions, games, leagues, structures, financial operations, roles, history, and career opportunities. Upon completion of the courses in this stream, you’ll receive a Generalist Certification.

The first course in this series is free.

Specialist Streams and Certifications

These streams focus on specific areas with the goal of developing a deep expertise for the purposes of pursuing a specific career, entrepreneurial venture, or individual gameplay. Certifications are available based on each area of study.

Expert Stream and Certification

With a prerequisite number of specialist courses, you can enroll in the expert stream. This stream includes a research component culminating in a capstone project reviewed by industry experts.


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Our first online course in the generalist stream is free!

The first course in the generalist stream, which covers an overview of the esport industry, is free and fully counts towards your generalist certificaiton.

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