At IQ Esports, we work with students and professionals in and out of the industry across a number of different subjects. In all cases, the goal is to look to systems and techniques that can help the people we work with improve.

One of the main things we work on in all cases is communication.

This is probably one of the most misunderstood elements of the esports industry for people not already involved in games. For a lot of people, esports players are seen as solitary or secluded. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The truth of the matter is that competitive gaming requires an intense amount of communication. From the selection of player roles to effective in-game dialog, communication is the key skill to success in esports.

In many scenarios, players will compete with people they have never interacted with before. They must quickly establish the goals of the other players, their strategies, and their own approach to fit with them. Consider also, that this is done predominantly via text chat and audio interactions with players from all over the world. One could argue that esports have advnaced the efficiency of communication across cultural boundaries.

To confirm the significance of communication, at the professional level, players will live together in team houses and spend most of every day in close proximity with one another. All the same rules for the gameplay apply, but now you have the chaos and difficulty that comes with intense personal interaction and competitive dynamics. Team meals, workouts, coaching sessions, and meetings all bring you back to the table with the same people. Esports are not a solitary activity whether at the professional level, high school, or varsity/collegiate.

For students who are interested in getting into esports, this is one of the first things to work on:

  • How can I quickly and effectively understand the roles, needs, and styles of other players;
  • How can I effectively communicate my own goals and strategies;
  • How can I respond constructively during a stressful scenario, or where I have been misunderstood.