Our Approach

Core Principles

We believe that there is great value to gained by teaching about esports and through esports and video games in general. Our programs seeks to address the needs of those who wish to become players, support competitive esports, or play a role in the esport or video game industry.

All programming is done across our Four Pillars: Game Skills, Industry Skills, Physical Health, and Player Psychology. Our programs mix class lectures, hands on activities, and individual instruction.

Game Skills

Game skills are the skills you need to get to the top level of your game. Whether it is wave dashing in Super Smash Bros or drafting in League of Legends, IQ esports has the coaching experience and drills to help you master your game skills and get to the next level.

Industry Skills

IQ esports teaches you the skills you need to find success in the esports industry. Learn how to stream, broadcast, and manage events. Look at game design and the numbers behind the games. Learn how to coach and analyze play to take your first steps at support staff jobs as well as play.


Physical Health

Esports professionals put a huge amount of strain on their bodies – not taking care of your health can lead to RSIs or other lasting issues. IQ Esports works with professional esports physiotherapists to help you ensure you stay in top health now and in the future.


Player Psychology

From communication to confidence to consistency, player psychology makes sure you have the mental fortitude to keep going and manage yourself. Learn how to lose and self critique, as well as transferable skills such as goal setting, teamwork, and focus that can help you both while playing and in everyday life.


Bringing it all together

By running programs that balance development across our 4 pillars, we are creating flexible thinkers who will have more effective careers.

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The first course in the generalist stream, which covers an overview of the esport industry, is free and fully counts towards your generalist certificaiton.

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